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You need a Palm OS PDA with PalmOS 5 or higher, sound support and a memory card. Currently only PalmOS 5 Sound API output is supported in a reasonable quality. Before using POggPl upload some .ogg files onto the memory card (in whatever directory like).

Using POggPl is very simple:
- The buttons at the bottom are back, play, pause, stop and next
- The slider above is the file position
- Above that is the volume + random/repeat playback
- drag in file view to move the list, click on a music file (M in first column) to play it, click on directories (D) to enter them. Files with an X in front of them are not recognized.
- The top row contains list/details view and buttons for configuration (not yet implemented), about dialog and quit

Thanks a lot to sourceforge.net for hosting this project!
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